About me

Artist statement

My art is a reflection of my daily life experience on what I feel; what I see. It is the most personal and intimate snapshot of my life/struggles.

I usually begin with a rough and loose sketch as a base. With mixed media, I can do more structural and textural work on the surface. With paints, I can refresh of what I have in mind and interact with the surface.

During this creative process, art makes me feel enjoyable and vulnerable with my true feeling at the same time. It is the greatest gift from God to be an artist.

Born in Hong Kong
Lives in Sunnyvale and works in San Jose, Calif.

Timothy Wing Kei Tsun (中文名: 秦永基) [Tim] have been resided in the SF Bay Area since 1994. He has been drawing when he was in high school. His true calling in art is drawing. The beginning of his artist’s journey is first learning the Chinese calligraphy. Tim’s dad (Mr. Ping Wah Tsun 秦炳華先生) was his teacher at that time. Mr. Tsun pushed Tim to practice the Chinese calligraphy almost everyday. Mr. Tsun had a strict discipline on Tim of how to write correctly in the Chinese calligraphy. Since then, Tim began to like Chinese calligraphy and became more attentive to the strength of strokes and lines which led him to be a master of the graphic composition.

When Tim was in high school in Hong Kong, he had a very good teacher to teach me pen and ink drawing. His teacher, Shiu Chung Ng (吳肇忠老師), gave him a comics to read and he began to imitate the pen & ink style from the comics such as “The Chinese Hero (中華英雄)” by Ma Wing Shing who is the original creator of “Storm Riders” and “Crying Freeman” from Japanese comics artist, Ryoichi Ikegami (池上遼一). He began to drawing a lot of crosshatching with quill pens and mechanical pens. Tim also uses collages to convey his concept of reality with his daily life. By sitting in a cafe for few hours in the weekend, he observes people’s behaviors and put it into his ingredient of art pieces. So when the viewers see Tim’s work, they will be interacted with his works like an echo of the similarities in life that can build an intimacy to the viewers.

Jennifer C. Liu

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