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New Pentalic sketchbook starts today

Tweet — New Pentalic Sketchbook starts today, I bought this Pentalic journal from Riley Street Art Supply in Santa Rosa. You should check that store if you are around that area which carries...


Untitled_expression (DONO1)

Tweet — Recently, I feel like I am lacking of creativity. people talk to me that with ‘work is work’ phrase, some people give me a ridiculous feedback like ‘living in a dre...



Tweet I came across a documentary from Netflix and I was amazed by Vincent Van Gogh’s 7 Sunflower paintings. Last month, I went to see sunflowers near Dixon, CA and no that trip I was amazed...

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‘Hold on’ – pet peeve

Tweet — I named this tree is “hold on!” For me, it is feel like using all the strength to support all the branches/roots. Tree looks big but is it really? My interpretation of t...



Tweet — Waterfall created by Wacom Bamboo Paper along with Wacom Creative Stylus 2. Live water flows from high ground to the low ground. Idea is from the remake movie ‘Point Break....


Life water comes out from a tree

Tweet — A withered tree has a life water runs through it. I have been always struggling from my work that makes my life seems miserable (dry). I repeatedly felt discourage and even hopeless...

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