july 9th

- Drawing in Starbucks at 2:00 pm. Things are intertwined in my mind and don’t know how to explain.

july 4th

- Play around the idea of the July 4th in shape. Hope you had a great 4th!

not conforming by the world

After the struggle sketch from yesterday, I found out that my struggles are mainly from my surroundings like working environment (co-worker interactions), financial instability, career goal, serving role at church and family planning, etc. There are quite a lot of

visit kp, homestead

I went to Kaiser with my wife and she went to see the doctor. I was there bored and forgot to bring my journal to draw. So I used the back of the receipt from the visit and drew this

old treasure found at storage

- Old treasures from storage, recently I cleaned up storage and found those old drawing and sketches that makes me remind of my calling in art. I enjoy the works I have done. Thanks for my best friend – Philip

腦海內的影像 image from my mind 4

- waterfall is the concept. Tree branches may be implied things are stuck in my mind or my life. But there is still water runs through it. I used to describe God’s grace and He gives living water to me

腦海內的影像 image from my mind 3

- image from my mind and my favorite subject matter are tree trunk and water. So I put those together.

腦海內的影像 image from my mind 2

- image from my mind to have a human tree (“humanature”) around by snow covered mountains.>

腦海內的影像 image from my mind

- image in my mind when I do sketching with my iPad mini. Love it. Will experience more to the subject matter but I always like water and tree combination.

Sketch after watching the ‘Noah’

- This was what I came to my mind about the movie of “Noah” from Darren Aronofsky, after I watch with my friends. Unfortunately, the goodness and the power of God that I experience personally I can’t be able to use