drown … pet peeves

drown, pet peeves,
pen and ink on paper

– Recently, I feel drown. What was that about? I have a lot of obstacles and struggles. I have been doing some custom toys (dunnies and munnies) and I almost finished one dunny and wanted to put on sale on my online store after the protective spray but the acrylic spray killed the dunny, now the paint all messed up and wrinkled. I was really upset about what I had done. I never had this experience before. The dunny was painted very carefully and colors are nice but now what had I done? I did not have any strength to draw because I wanted to rethink my drawing. Feel like I have been suffocated and drowning into a mud field. No luck on toy sale and of course, artwork, no one buys art nowaday except you are famous like Picasso or something, this is my pet peeves…

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