Untitled_expression (DONO1)

untitled, expression, ink, moleskine
Ink along with white-out on moleskine sketchbook.

— Recently, I feel like I am lacking of creativity. people talk to me that with ‘work is work’ phrase, some people give me a ridiculous feedback like ‘living in a dream,’ for me — nothing special except coping with unbelievable multiple deadlines, turnaround, turnaround and feel like I am going to be fainted. I can’t sleep well at night thinking about projects. I was drained to a point that I don’t understand my job anymore, what is the meaning of my work? Am I serving our community like the newspaper business used to do? Is digital going to help our readers who are 40+? Everyone talks to me and wants something from me and I can’t give anything I don’t have, sorry.

— Now I am sitting in a Starbucks, in the middle of the room. People are sitting around me, talking and talking, they are doing something that seem quite important and significant, like a business meeting, working with the computer to get something in control and some ladies are talking with their never-ending topics and personal experience. As for me, I am here to try to chill from my daily life (my home as well, it is hot like a pizza oven at this time of the day). I feel a little strange to be here because it seems like I am not doing something important to the world, not inventing, not prospecting, not trying to change our atmosphere/climate may be. I am just be here at a table with my mac and sketchbook, not working but blogging about my feeling. This is the first Monday that I don’t feel like I need to push myself to go somewhere, no mission will be needed to accomplish.

@Starbuck, Homestead, Sunnyvale.

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