Travel journal returned to Brooklyn Art Library

The cover of The Sketchbook Project Volume 15
The cover of The Sketchbook Project Volume 15

I was busy with work lately. So after the President Day day off, I found time to update The Sketchbook Project Volume 15. I mailed it back to the Brooklyn Art Library last Wednesday. I named the title of this sketchbook “Homecoming” to record the trip I went to Hong Kong and Taiwan during October 10-30, 2019. During the trip, I experienced the political environment change in Hong Kong — like protesting and MTR (subway) early shutdown and I almost could not get home at night by public transportation. I felt like I lost the sense of the belonging of the place I called ‘home’ so strange. On the other hand, I went to Taiwan to visit my in-laws and I felt peace there and everything feels like slowing down there. I felt like I was on vacation. What a big contrast!

For more visual pages of the sketchbook, you can go to my Instagram page since the digital flip sketchbook will be here on my site in 6-8 weeks. So stay tuned!

The Sketchbook Project Volume 15 is ready for mail.

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