‘Hold on’ – pet peeve


— I named this tree is “hold on!” For me, it is feel like using all the strength to support all the branches/roots. Tree looks big but is it really?

My interpretation of this “tree” is ‘me’ who use all my strength I got everyday to support maybe family or maybe career or maybe my wellbeing. Recently, I feel tired and disappointed. My career for me is always hard to deal with role changes, fear of layoffs, fear of not being able to support my family and unknown future as it is in Chinese saying “sunset industry” along with not easy sometimes hostile relationship at work. Try to focus everyday in daily basis is hard and tiring. On the other hand, my artwork never gets any sales not matter the economy is — so I can’t blame the economy but my art sucks!

Take a look of the tree roots, they seem that the tree gets strong support. But looking carefully, you can see the so-called strong roots are not that healthy because it has a tightly sub-root system to support. Not sure it will stand that long. So fragile.

About branches, yeah they exist on the tree but you can’t see how many of them. Again, seems like the branches are strong and again the sub-branches are tightly. For me, that’s what I see my future which not much I can see from here because it is ‘off the page’ who knows.

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