Doodling16: robot-like building concept

Doodling16, robot-like building concept

— Just started a new Moleskine sketchbook, it is red which will be my first time to have a ‘red’ sketchbook with me. I always like red and black together, big contrast. It will be cool I have these two color sketchbook putting together on the shelf. It will be cool to display. The concept I drew lately is related to buildings which have their own personality (may be with my own emotion and expression input inside the composition). For me, this robot-like sketch will be called ‘safe’ — that was what I feel when I did this drawing. I feel good about my own business card design that turns out (which I posted on my Instagram) everyone has positive feedback to it. ‘Safe’for me is a good steady foundation and you can build up from that. I think safe also comes from love which is the base of all foundation in life.

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