Sunflower finish 太陽花的啟示

8" x 12" acrylics on masonite panel.
8″ x 12″ acrylics on masonite panel.

— Post-painting’s realization:
I always have struggles at my career and have been asking God to give me a chance to change my career. I feel trapped in a mess, I cannot get out. I feel like I am the rough and confused sketch before this painting. It was laying around on my computer desk with other paper stuffs. It was a dull, confusing, ordinary dusty sketch and got reprinted from an inkjet printer to a normal piece of multi-purpose copy paper. Just like I feel in my life itself – just an ordinary guy.

When I started to paint, I layered the paints on the sketch and reformed the composition of the picture. From a messy sketch to transform to an acrylic painting, that was amazing. But I am not amazed by my skills. I realized God used this process to remold me, change me and make me according to His design. Through this remolding journey, I got healed from my past hurt and something I cannot forgive myself during the early stage of my life. God gives me time, situation (environment), patience and people to help leading me to those struggles, after I passed the struggles, then I went through the turning points . It was an amazing journey. Now, I realized that I am not totally healed just yet but He reaffirmed me that I am on the right track of the healing process. I believe one day I can be like those beautiful sunflowers showed along the route of highway 5 North!

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