Life water comes out from a tree

tree has water comes out

— A withered tree has a life water runs through it. I have been always struggling from my work that makes my life seems miserable (dry). I repeatedly felt discourage and even hopeless, then after these weeks, I finally recognized that I put my career as my only one focus/goal of my life — so-called career-driven life (in a good way to candy-coated it). I lost my focus on other things that God gives me and I should be thankful for. God leads me through the challenges in my life, my serving, my ministry at church and other ministries, not just work, and I did not have a thankful heart for His work and more importantly, His Grace on me. He had given me a lot of gifts but I am still I keep discontented.  I created this illustration to reflect my mental and spiritual situation as a wither tree branches but God gives me a life water to run through this tree — keep me hydrated in His Grace and Truth.

I created this illustration from Bamboo Paper in iPad Air.

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