“Alternative Facts” for Works San Jose

Mixed media collage with old photos, along with ink brush and markers, titled "This is all just about trees, PERIOD!"

Mixed media collage with old photos, along with ink brush and markers

Technique: Starting this piece with my ink brush sketch on my sketchbook, I started to collage with other sketches I have handy to create a surreal effect of a tree combination with mountains and sea scene (at the top) which are actually photos I took when I went to Grand Canyon long time ago, I put them upside down and create the look of the ocean (hills inside the ocean floor).

Meaning: I am not interested in politics; not interested in Trump. I found no meaning to make an illustration/painting on this subject matter. Am I disappointed about him? I found no meaning if the President was elected in this way and so many fake news coming out since he becomes US President. So I want to use the literal meaning of ‘Alternative Facts’ this controversial meaning to create a piece to represent my personal struggles in my daily life instead.

Many people think things happened with reasons. People made things happen in certain ways. Self-talk: I am stubborn
My art represents my deep feeling inside: I want to change my career but I cannot; I want to do good or behave good but I cannot; I really want to hide/to run away all the problems I have but I don’t know where to go; I want to try something new but I don’t have a gut to do it, I don’t have direction. I always feel like I am in deep down of the ocean/storm. I want to cry out for help but no one seems to know how or to listen to me maybe or is able to help me. Did I make these messes happen in my life?

The title of this artwork is “This is all just about trees, ‘PERIOD!’

I played a little trick on the title to fit the topic of the show. The art is not the way it is supposed to be like trees, roots, mountains, etc. become symbols which represent meanings of contradictions, storm inside, things I cannot be able to change and I was being suctioned inside this mess. Perhaps, it sounds like ‘無病呻吟’ for some people but I need to be honest to my myself it is my true feeling.

On the other hand, I feel blessed because God gives me ‘art talent’ which He gives me a channel to express/vent out my negative inward feeling towards my life. For me, it is a healing process which I am going through. Thank you Jesus.

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